Our Project

Here you will find information about face-to-face activities organised by Scientix (e.g. workshops in European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab or at other venues) and Scientix’s contributions to conferences, workshops and other events.

You can find the presentations, programmes, etc. of past events here, but you can also see at what events and when Scientix will be present in the future. 

The Future Classroom Lab (FCL) , an independent project of European Schoolnet (EUN) and based at the office of EUN in Brussels, Belgium, provides a platform where policy-makers can rethink their ICT strategies and where teachers, head teachers and ICT advisers can experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches within flexible learning environments. It provides both a large reconfigurable space equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a room designed as an interactive classroom to illustrate how a traditional classroom setting can use technology to enhance interactivity and student participation.


Scientix workshops are continually taking place in different locations in Europe within the context of events organised by other projects or organisations.

The aim of these workshops is at either presenting the services of Scientix to teachers, project managers or other relevant actors in science education or at serving as facilitators to the presentation of other science education projects.

If you know about an event where Scientix could contribute to the programme or you would like to be included in a Scientix workshop as a presenter, send us an e-mail at agueda.gras (at) eun.org.